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Clare, do you also deny the cases of stolen babies, falsified birth certificates and forced adoptions in Spain? Talking of falsified birth certificates SL — are you cool with falsifying the facts on birth certificates in the case of a child born from a donor embryo carried to term in the womb of a surrogate, and then passed off as the progeny of two men?

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And coming soon, to our brave new world — the embryo containing genetic material from more than one donor. How do we make an accurate birth certificate for that unfortunate? Excellent reply Dilly! It is so easy to point the finger at the Church, and not look at our own problems! Many of the mothers of those children were told their children died in childbirth.

Why would you defend evil? Sexual abuse One woman told the Committee that she was subjected to sexual abuse by an auxiliary during her time in a Magdalen Laundry.

She was not aware of this happening to anyone else. No other women in contact with the Committee made any allegation of sexual abuse during their time in the Magdalen Laundries. However a significant number told the Committee that they had suffered sexual abuse in the family home or in other institutions, either before or after their time in the Magdalen Laundries. Physical abuse A large majority of the women who shared their stories with the Committee said that they had neither experienced nor seen other girls or women suffer physical abuse in the Magdalen Laundries.

In this regard, women who had in their earlier lives been in an industrial or reformatory school drew a clear distinction between their experiences there and in the Magdalen Laundries, stating clearly that the widespread brutality which they had witnessed and been subjected to in industrial and reformatory schools was not a feature of the Magdalen Laundries.

The Church created the atmosphere that led to unwed mothers being treated like garbage by the society in which they lived and then by the Church itself. This issue has nothing to do with the abortion issue and it will not be dismissed so easily. The Catholic Church stands against the institutionalized murder of the unborn. People try to argue that it has no credibility to do so because of horrible failures such as this one in its sacred mission of caring for the weak and unfortunate.

Abortion is how secular society deals with unwanted children.

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I think you have it precisely backwards. Babies and bonding are natural results of sexual intercourse, yet it is the Pelvic Left which advocates for abortion and for multiple sexual partners. The results of such advocacy have been bloody, deadly and otherwise painful.


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I am reminded that Hugh Hefner said he is most proud of his advocacy for abortion. It is not the Catholic Church arguing or asserting that you must impair sexual fertility, which is very much part of sex, even if not in every instance of intercourse. Other countries had much the same attitude as well — including the Soviet Union. Some may wish it was otherwise and that the Catholic Church bore all responsibility; that would be convenient but it is not the case, even in Ireland.

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Well, I went to both ordinary secular State and to Catholic schools in the s, 60s and 70s. Humiliation of those deemed inadequate by teachers or other figures in authority was commonplace. One Mrs Hall at the junior school used fear, contempt and humiliation as a daily weapon and she was most definitely not a nun.

Luckily, she retired before I got to her class but I had already been through the gentle ministrations NB: sarcasm! It was also extremely difficult economically; who would look after the mother? Who would pay her rent, feed her and clothe the child? That was the way it was; that was the common wisdom. In a country without a blanket welfare system, economic disaster lurked round every corner. Because they were closest to disaster; they had most to lose.

The rich can afford the self-indulgence of dissolute behaviour; the poor cannot. Believe it or not, the ordinary people worked that stuff out and reached those attitudes, generally, on their own. Today, the discussion has been trimmed to a more manageable 10, most of which give sycophancy a bad name. Sensible comment on a story which will inevitably be sensationalised with little interest in the facts- like how old the bones are.

On the subject of mass graves, my grandmother b. People saw things quite differently a century ago. Two factors to bear in mind. One, Tuam was owned and funded by the County Council. Supervised by them? One has to hope so. Would it not be dreadful if the secular authorities had abrogated their responsibilities entirely? Second, looking a little way outside of Ireland, have you ever heard of Bryn Estyn? You really should have a look at that.

At the very least, at the fact that these were state-run, secular homes that pimped out children for years. You could take a moment to out Haute la Garenne as well, of course. And the current state of the care regime and its manifest failures in England and Wales the area I am more familiar with. Read your copy of the constitution from that time period. Paradoxically, the success of arsphenamine in treating a specific nerve generation caused by syphilis and sleeping sickness organisms turned out to be something of a distraction.

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Ruari Yes Ruari, I am sure. A climate of fear, created by pervasive, excessive and arbitrary punishment, permeated most of the institutions and all those run for boys. Children lived with the daily terror of not knowing where the next beating was coming from. There was little variation in the use of physical beating from region to region, from decade to decade, or from Congregation to Congregation.

The policy of the School was rigid control by means of severe corporal punishment and fear of punishment. Such punishment was excessive and pervasive. The result of arbitrary and uncontrolled punishment was a climate of fear. All Brothers became implicated because they did not intervene or report excesses. Incidences of abuse were managed primarily with a view to protecting the Congregation and the Institution from the harm that would be done if sexual abuse by Brothers became public.

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Hey I'm fem sexy lady like t. But these slip ware dishes Seem to stand somewhat like the Tuam gay dating app chairs Made in Yorkshire and Derbyshire, of the same date, Of the period. The site is located at what was a home for unmarried mothers, run by the Bon Secours order, from the s until the s. Certainly, some means of emptying the tanks was needed. Man shot in stomach in West Dublin A car believed to be the getaway vehicle involved in the shooting of a man in West Dublin earlier today has been found in flames. Bi country guy County, Galway, Tuam gay dating app Last login: online. Report an error, omission or problem: Message:. There were whispers and rumors. She glimpsed a tomb and describes it. Unfortunately this article has not yet appeared online. When you see the wealth of material in her care, this belief makes sense.

This involved suppression of disclosure of abuse, failure to investigate properly and failure to report. The policy facilitated further abuse when offenders were transferred within the Congregation or permitted to leave in good standing. Facilities for preparing and serving food for the boys were primitive. Clothing was poor, patched and institutional, and the repeated criticism by the Department Inspector was to no avail, in spite of a healthy surplus in the School accounts.

Is this the new defence for apologists? So deaths from infections prior to that were quite common. I am Irish-American with numerous relatives still in Ireland, and I was brought up in a strictly traditionalist Catholic home. But I was lucky enough to grow up in America, where I received an excellent education in public schools and learned to think for myself. Catherine Corless has clearly established that nearly children died at the Tuam home from through —a mortality rate, incidentally, which far exceeds even the high rates prevailing among the general population of Ireland at the time.

I heard Corless reciting from the list on a radio program, and I heard plenty of ages such as 6 months, 11 months, 3 years and even 9 years old. Try a different excuse.